KakaoTalk for Windows PC is basically a free instant text messaging application for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows Pc that allows the sending as well as the receiving of messages and photos, voice messages, videos, contact information, location and even URL links in one on one group chats.

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This is a user-friendly instant messenger which supports voice and group chats, transfer of files as well as animated emoticons to spice up conversations.

You can do free unlimited calls from Kakao with your friends and send free unlimited text messages as well. Make sure you are in touch with your friends by sending them multimedia messages. With KakaoTalk you can also send video messages, voice messages, and picture messages.

This is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way of communicating around the world.

kakaotalk information

It is very easy to stay in touch wherever you are. KakaoTalk for PC allows you to make free calls and send free messages to other people who use KakaoTalk app for laptop on any device and any network in all the countries of the world. If you lived anywhere in Asia then most probably you are familiar with KakaoTalk. For those who have friends in Asia then you will probably find them using this instant text messaging application a lot. This app is very beautiful to use and is very popular in Asia.

However, anyone can download and use this app. This app is popular because of its ease of usage and simplicity. It is very easy to use this app. There is no problem though in learning a few tips that you should bear in mind while using this app. KakaoTalk is a very innovative instant messaging application that is capable of delivering a new approach to texting and calling.

It is available for smartphones and PCS as well. It makes a very reliable channel for communication having extra security features for protecting your identity.

What makes KakaoTalk unique is the possibility of staying connected to the network regardless of where you are provided that you have a device use to connect from. Because it depends so much on this flexible approach, the advantages of using this application are unlimited. KakaoTalk aims at interconnecting users as well as providing a decent level of security as it does so.

kakaotalk information

The safety of the accounts has been greatly enhanced by the strict registration and authentication process which incorporates so many steps that require confirmations and security codes. The purpose of this app being primarily to chat, it allows us to carry out individual chats as well as create chat rooms which can be used by many users.

It is also possible to make free calls to each other only when using a mobile phone, though. The availability of the collections of emotions and animations can spice up the chats. It is also possible to save the conversation. The other advantage is that of exchanging files. About 10 items are capable of being sent at once by using the drag and drop operation.

It is also possible to customize how the chat window appears by simply changing the background to a custom image or preset. There are notifications to inform you about all incoming file transfers as well as messages that have the possibilities of being configured entirely by using the Options Window.

You can also customize your various appearance settings from this section like font, text style, and opacity. If you consider the above facts, KakaoTalk qualifies to be classified as a modern instant messaging app that addresses both mobile user and PC users by providing them with all they need to stay in touch.

Download KakaoTalk for Desktop app is meant to allow you connect with your friends without having to incur charges while sending SMS. It is possible to customize your profile, buy funny as well as useful emoticons.KakaoTalk is an easy, no-cost messenger that transcends standard chat. Make chatting extra fun with an array of emoticons and sticker collections.

More about KakaoTalk: - Chosen by more than million users worldwide - Fast, fun, easy way to communicate with friends and family - Uses Internet connection 3G or Wi-Fi for calls and messaging - KakaoTalk conveniently syncs your chats with your mobile device. Friends all over the world are never far from reach with KakaoTalk. Chat one-on-one or in a group, any time of day, as much as you like. Have fun with your friends using the Talking Tom and Ben voice filters as well as our unique video filters.

Plus enable lock mode to keep your data safe automatically. As of the 2. It has made for improved efficiency in allowing you to collaborate with others, so you can get your work done in a shorter time. With that said, these next few improvements would make this a 5-star app. The PC version of the app allows most, if not all, of these. Again, you have to do it on your phone. This app does the job. It can send and receive messages and attach files and pictures.

However there are a lot of things that could be improved in the Mac version of this app. The UI on the mac version makes no sense. It should be like the PC version of the app and most other chat apps where all the chat windows are put into one window and have a list on the left to choose between the different chats, instead of opening a new window for each chatroom.

Second, why isn't spell check enabled for each window by default? Also loading images from each chat takes a really long time compared to other chat apps.

Update: Works perfectly fine now. Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm unable to log into the Mac client with version 2. When I enter my correct credentials, I receive a system message saying that I've logged into my account on my laptop.KakaoTalk has a range of features ranging from voice and video calls to games and polls.

KakaoTalk for PC Download Windows 10/8/7/XP

It is the dominant messenger in South Korea and is growing in popularity throughout Southeast Asia. But KakaoTalk has a range of problems too. Read on to learn about common problems with KakaoTalk and what you can do to avoid them. If KakaoTalk is not working, you may want to switch to a more reliable messenger, such as Pinngle.

Pinngle is also a free messaging app, but it offers safety and security that KakaoTalk does not. Pinngle always uses end-to-end data encryptionwhile KakaoTalk only offers encryption in Secret Chats.

This measure of security means that with Pinngle, you never need to worry about hackers or anyone else seeing your information. Pinngle offers fun features while keeping a focus on quality content. Most noteworthy are Public Channels where you can discover cool content.

Public channels allow content creators, influencers, and celebrities to share content directly with their followers. You can even meet interesting new people by contacting channel creators. When chatting on Pinngle, you can get creative with your conversations with Pinngle sticker packs.

Best of all, Pinngle is spam-free and ad-freeso you can sit back and focus on the content that really matters to you. Because many people live in countries far from their loved ones, Pinngle is designed to be functional in every country.

Pinngle can even operate in countries with high internet censorship, and in countries with poor internet connection such as 2G. Trying to contact someone in another country?

No problem. Pinngle offers international numbers and Pinngle-out calls at a very low cost, so you can always stay connected. Pinngle will not burden your phone or your data usage. Thinking of traveling but worrying about roaming chargers and expensive sim cards? Try Pinngle and let us know what you think! Make sure to have a friend or family member download it too, so you can connect with each other.It formed as a result of a merger between Daum Communications and Kakao.

Inthe company was renamed Daum Kakao.

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In Maythe company acquired Pathan American social media company that had become successful in Asia. The company has gained further prominence from KakaoTalka free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones with free text and free call features. By Maythe app had million registered users and 47 million active monthly users. Kakao Corp is the company behind KakaoTalk, which serves as its main platform and flagship application.

To maintain simplicity across all the provided services, Kakao applications can be purchased and logged in with links to KakaoTalk.

According to a December App Annie report, Kakao is the world's third top publisher by monthly revenue at Google Play. Kakao Corp. On 26 MayKakao Corp. Inthe company changed its name to Kakao. Due to gambling and censorship issues within the Kakao ecosystem, the organization's board of directors ejected Kim-beom-soo as CEO and decided to replace him with Rim Ji-hoon. Kakao was approved by South Korean regulators to become the nation's first Internet-only bank in The Internet bank engages in the same business as commercial banks, including processing deposits, loans and wiring money.

KakaoTalk Not Working? Here’s What You Can Do

Consumers will no longer need to visit a bank to open a new bank account or to get a loan. Kakao's business plan was considered innovative, and the company's business model was expected to secure sizable customer sign-ups relatively easily, based on the users of KakaoTalk, which is the country's most popular messaging application.

Although K-Bank eventually became South Korea's Internet-only bank having been launched several months prior, Kakao Bank immediately attracted morecustomers within four days of its launch on 27 July The fledgling performance for these banks is being blamed on the high cost of maintaining brick-and-mortar operations and the popularity of Internet finance among Korean consumers. In NovemberKakao launched the taxi business model Kakao T. The service includes the premium extension Kakao Taxi Black, which allows users to book rides in Seoul via the messenger app that is exclusively carried in luxury imported cars such as Mercedes Benz, Lexus, and BMW.

Kakao announced plans to expand the activity field to other Korean cities within the following year. Kakao Japan Corporation is the Japanese subsidiary of Kakao. It currently offers some of Kakao's Korean services as well as specific ones for the Japanese market. Kakao Japan has announced plans to launch a music service in a second attempt to penetrate the Japanese market. When the announcement by the Korean government that it would tighten its real-time monitoring to prevent people from spreading false information, the company cooperated fully by providing reams of conversation data.

KakaoTalk users expressed their displeasure to the censorship saying that they would migrate to other messenger services. Because of this, as many as 1. Daum Kakao has explained the censorship, saying, "It is unthinkable not to follow the rules in a constitutional country. Kakao board chairman Kim Beom-soo was accused of gambling in Las Vegas in the early years of Kakao Corp from — Overseas gambling is illegal under Korean law.

Korean prosecutors have reportedly obtained information from the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Kakao complies with applicable laws, personal information protection regulations and guidelines of the Republic of Korea, which must be obeyed by information communication service providers. The following minimum personal information is collected when a user signs up for the Service or while the user uses the Services, through the home page, individual applications and programs, and etc.

Payment via credit card: part of credit card number, name of credit card company, etc. Payment via mobile phone number: mobile phone number, approval number, etc. Payment via account transfer: account holder's name, account number, name of bank, etc. Payment via voucher: number of voucher, ID of the relevant website. Personal information is collected via the following methods:. Kakao shall provide no personal information to any third party without user's prior consent; provided, however, that Kakao provides the foregoing personal information to the third parties within a scope required to provide affiliated services to users, only upon user's prior consent.

Kakao provides personal information to third parties in the course of entrusting some parts of the affairs required for service provision. Kakao also supervises and monitors the entrusted parties to abide by the relevant laws and regulations. Some personal information is transferred overseas to perform the following affairs. Personal information stored in electronic file formats is to be deleted using technical means which make the information unrecoverable.

Personal information printed on paper records, printed matters and documents is to be destroyed through shredding or incineration. However, any information that is destroyed after being stored for a certain period under the internal policies is as follows:. Furthermore, Kakao separately stores or deletes the personal information of its members who have not used the Services for one year or longer in accordance with the expiration system of personal information.

The stored information will be destroyed without delay after being kept for four 4 years. Other personal information that shall be retained under the relevant laws and regulations are as follows:. In particular, users can modify personal information or withdraw the membership via Settings in the Service.

Upon any request via email, document, phone call, the Customer Center shall take measures without delay. If any user requests for the revision of personal information, such information shall not be used or provided until the revision is completed.

Cookies are used to support a faster and more convenient use of websites and to provide customized services. A cookie is a small piece of text file usually set by the web server, sent from a website and stored in a User's computer hard disk while the user is browsing that website. Kakao uses cookies which save and retrieve user information in order to provide personal customized service. When a user visits the website, the website server reads cookies stored on the user's device to maintain environment settings and customized services.

Cookies help the user use the website easily and conveniently by finding out the user's preferences. Also, they are used to provide customized marketing information by tracing the number of visiting to the website and use patterns. Cookie does not collect personally identifiable information automatically or actively, and a user has an option for setting a cookie. Hence, a user may allow all cookies by setting the option on the web browser; whenever a cookie is stored, the confirmation thereof shall be completed; or, otherwise, a user may reject the storage of all cookies.

Provided, however, when a user rejects the storage of a cookie, then the user may have some difficulties in using a service. Select "Tool" menu at the top of the browser. Select "Settings" menu at the top right side of the browser. The following may apply when Kakao provides services to users in EU countries.KakaoTalk is an easy, no-cost messenger that transcends standard chat. Enjoy the KakaoTalk beta version for Microsoft Store! Chat one-on-one or in a group, any time of the day, as much as you like.

Make chatting extra fun with an array of emoticons and wallpaper collections. Plus enable lock mode to keep your data safe automatically. Using the Compact Overlay feature, the app will always be on the top of your screen. I'm taking my one-star review back. All this five star reviews must mean something. Disappointing lack of functionality compared with other platforms. This is missing two essential features that all other platforms have: Voice call and video chat.

Otherwise a great app. Okay now android and ios has video calls please catch up for windows phone users.

Its been over two years and still no voice call??!! Come on! I have been using kakao on android for many years but recently installed on windows phone. Unfortunately I'm disappointed with kakao because 1. No voice call 2. Shuts down when I press message button. Please update. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content.Free chats that are more reliable than text messages and available anytime, anywhere, twenty-four seven, with as many people you want. Send up to MB of files in your PC in various file formats, such as documents, videos, images, voice file and zip files. Exchanged files can all be seen in your PC or mobile device.

If you're tired of the same old chat room, change yours so that it looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Customize the font and size, and feel the unique enjoyment of chatting on an Excel sheet. Only available for Windows. Set transparency for each or all chat rooms. Forgot to log out from KakaoTalk on your PC?

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Setup the lock mode if the PC is used by multiple people or if you are stepping outside for a while. The lock mode is safe, since a password has to be entered to unlock and check messages. Now enjoy unlimited free calls with your KakaoTalk friends on your PC, even with friends from overseas.

Voice calls and video calls are also available. Make voice calls and video calls to your friends for free. Make your conversation more fun with Talking Tom and Talking Ben voice filters and unique video filters. Isn't it easy to remember all the appointments and anniversaries made in each chat room?

Register them on the TalkCalendar to take a glance. Jordi will let you know the schedule ahead of time. KakaoTalk Open Chats, which starts with a single link. When you want to chat without adding new friends, open a link to activate KakaoTalk Open Chats.

Have more fun with KakaoTalk with cute Kakao Friends stickers, animated emoticons and pretty themes. Decorate KakaoTalk backgrounds, which you see dozens of times a day, with your favorite images! Search while chatting on KakaoTalk with Sharp Search! What should I eat today?