Remove the cover from the box. Place the canopy fabric bundle on top of the frame and unroll the canopy down the center of the frame. When completely unrolled, unfold the cover across the top of the canopy bows and pull down snugly over the frame. Make sure the canopy is centered on the frame with equal amounts of overhang on each side and on each end. The QuickLash black webbing should be on the inside, right behind or slightly above the aluminum canopy frame going lengthwise.

To read more about the QuickLash mounting system, click here. Each of these brands use individual bungees with a hook on the end. Attach each bungee through a perforated hole of the QuikLash webbing directly in-line with each canopy rib. Stretch the bungee underneath the canopy frame and up into the hole in the corresponding frame rib. Alternate from side to side and end to end to make sure the top does not become off centered.

Note: some canopy frames feature a support bar welded across the length of the canopy frame. Attach each bungee through a perforated hole of the QuikLash webbing and stretch bungee underneath the canopy frame and upward… hooking the bungee hook onto the horizontal support bar. Evenly space the bungees around the perimeter of the frame, alternating from side to side and end to end.

Removal: Simply unhook the bungee from the holes in the ribs or unhook from the support bar. It is not necessary to remove the bungees from the canopy cover. The bungees can remain looped through the quiklash webbing and ready for next seasons installation. Storage: Make sure your canopy cover is DRY and clean prior to off season storage. Store in a clean and dry environment. Toggle navigation.Not shown in all photos.

ShoreMaster Canopy attaches to the frame with 10" bungee hooks. Loop bungee hook through D-Ring. Wrap bungee hook around rail and lift hook to the hole in canopy rib or frame. View our video for helpful guidance. Customer Service was excellent on the phone, tracking my order as production recovered from Covid slowdown. The cover shipped when they promised. Fit is perfect. Installation was MUCH easier than the original coverwhich was 18oz vinyl with bungee rope strung through.

The new HarborTime cover slid easily, was lightweight, and is very secure with the individual bungee cords provided with the cover. Two days after installation this cover was tested by a heavy, sustained downpour with high winds.

It remained perfectly in place and completely dry. I am very happy to have upgraded from the worn-out, difficult vinyl cover.

ShoreMaster’s Traditional Canopy Frame

I received great help identifying the correct size cover for my dock cover. Very good fit and quality. Received our order quickly. Great fastening system, easy to install. Lightweight and flexible. Would order again. We have received our cover and have installed it on our lift, fits like a glove, so far we are very pleased with this product.Log In.

Shopping List. Manufacturer: Shoretex Fabric Products. Item Type: Lift - Canopy Cover.


Designed to Fit: ShoreMaster. Each offered with a variety of color options to choose from. The canopy frame is not included.

how to install a shoremaster canopy

Please review the three material options that we offer for this canopy frame style. Choose from our heavy duty All three options will leave you satisfied with your cover choice for many years to come.

Once you have decided on the material optional, please select your preference from the drop-down selector labeled " Canopy Material Selector ". Shelter-Rite is a heavy duty 18oz, PVC coated, polyester that is available in 12 colors. Heavy duty tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. A high-performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable and is crack, peel, UV, mold, and mildew resistant.

The seams are heat welded and the flat matte, smooth finish makes clean up easy. We offer 12 different Shelter-Rite cover colors, see below. This fabric undergoes a "Blade Over Roller Coating" process that involves pouring molten liquid vinyl over the fabric that is drawn off with a blade to provide an even coating.

The vinyl is then cured and heat set in a finishing range. This process allows the vinyl to soak into the fabric material to create an exceptionally strong bond to the fabric. The PVC coating applied is custom colored to match the acrylic fibers which provides you with a rich, elegant looking fabric with great waterproof performance and dimensional stability.

The material choice and production process is what makes the RECwater material an excellent choice for marine applications. When you order a new replacement canopy cover, we include Bungee Attaching Hardware so that you can secure the cover to your canopy frame. Below is an overview of the attachment system present with cover options as described above.

The Quicklash canopy attachment system provides a user-friendly and easy to install design with increased strength and durability over traditional attachment systems. Sewn into the interior of the cover, Quicklash is a fabric strip with reinforced lacing holes to eliminate the need of grommets to secure the canopy. The Quicklash webbing is reinforced with Armor Bar, a high-tenacity polyester yarn which provides increased tear resistance and strength.

The canopy cover is secured utilizing the Quicklash webbing and supplied bungees. Once all bungees have been installed even tension is created around the perimeter of the canopy frame keeping the cover secure and in place on the frame.Both the new and old version ShoreStation canopies utilize the QuickLash mounting system, just in different ways.

EasyLash Canopy Attachment Installation System

Click here for more details about the QuickLash System. If your canopy frame utilizes the new puck system fig A you will only need the bungee loops for the installation process. The metal canopy clips may be discarded. Remove the cover from the box and place the bundle on the top of the canopy frame and unroll the replacement canopy down the length of the frame.

When completely unrolled, unfold the cover across the top of the canopy ribs and position squarely on the frame. The black Quiklash webbing should now be on the inside and right behind or slightly above the aluminum canopy frame going lengthwise and square on the frame. Attach a bungee loop through the quiklash webbing fig. B directly inline with each aluminum rib of the canopy frame. Alternating from side to side, stretch the bungee loop under the round aluminum frame and up around the white puck on each rib.

Use the 6 bungee hooks three per end in the same fashion by lacing through the quiklash webbing and stretching up to either holes or hooks on each corresponding rib on each end of the canopy fig C. Additional bungee loops may be used in the corners. If your canopy is the OLDER style that has spring hooks that stretch into holes on each rib, you will need to utilize the bungee loops and canopy clips. F directly inline with each aluminum rib of the canopy frame, next install a canopy clip onto each loop by pulling the bungee loop through the spiraled end of the clip.

G Additional bungees should be used in the corners. Alternating from side to side, stretch the bungee UNDER the round aluminum beam and hook into the hole in the rib. Use the 6 bungee hooks three per end in the same fashion by lacing through the quiklash webbing and stretching up to either holes or hooks on each corresponding rib.

Toggle navigation. Fig A. Fig B. Fig C.Life on the water is unbeatable, but the sun, wind and water can take a toll on your watercraft. Deep rounded ends on the traditional canopy frame allow you to tuck your boat completely underneath the frame, away from the harsh sun and wind, while our ShoreMaster Fabrics vented canopy covers still allow for breathability to inhibit mold and mildew.

ShoreMaster Boat Lift Canopy Actuator Install Instructions Low Res

Attention to detail is the hallmark of a ShoreMaster system; our traditional canopy frame is no exception. Its curved design and optional canopy skirts provides a deep frame pocket so your watercraft can get tucked up tight for full coverage from the elements. Keep your watercraft protected with a ShoreMaster traditional canopy frame. The pitch of the frame easily sheds rain and moisture, while its welded construction makes it incredibly durable and easy to install and maintain.

HarborTime offers a lighter weight option with superior durability. Highly water repellent and resistant to both mildew and ultraviolet light, HarborTime ideal for boat lift canopies.

HarborTime offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior strength making it perfectly suited for the marine environment. Stabilized fabric ensures a continuous fit, while an acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long cover life.

Need a boat lift canopy for another manufacturer? Shop BoatLiftandCanopy. You'll enjoy WeatherMax's ease-of-use when it comes to installation, removal or storage of the cover because WeatherMax is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. Plus lightweight canopy cover options means easier, more hassle free cover installation.

Your Boat. Your Investment.

how to install a shoremaster canopy

Protect It. Light weight cover option, weighing only 11 oz. All HarborTime. All WeatherMax. All 13oz Vinyl. Find a Dealer. Get Brochure. Find Your Perfect System.Boat Lift and Canopy utilizes an exclusive EasyLash attachment system on all of its replacement canopy covers. The Easy Lash system is the quickest, easiest way to securely attach your replacement canopy cover to the canopy frame. Easy Lash is a woven webbing 3 inches wide with 1. These thermal cut holes take the place of d-rings and grommets and allow the installer the flexibility to install attachment hardware and bungee when, and where they like.

Securely fasten awnings, boat lift canopies, boat covers, tents, curtains without the need of tools or dies to set grommets. If you live on a lake and own a watercraft, chances are high that you keep your boat protected from the elements with a boat lift.

With proper care, boat lifts and their covers are important apparatuses that extend the life of your boat and upholstery. In this post we will provide tips on how to attach and install a boat lift canopy cover for top lift manufacturers: ShoreMaster, Hewitt and Shore Station.

How to Easily Attach a Boat Lift Canopy Cover If you live on a lake and own a watercraft, chances are high that you keep your boat protected from the elements with a boat lift. Before you begin, you need to retrieve the canopy cover from out of season storage. When stored, the canopy should have been completely dry, carefully folded then stored in a dry area to ensure no mold or mildew can grow. Having a trusted friend to watch your property will make your life a lot easier and give you peace of mind during harsh winter months.

Ensure the awning is centered and there is equal amount of canvas overhang on all 4 sides. Attach a width end of the canopy completely to the frame with bungee attachments.

Then move to the opposite end and attach the other short side. Continue to attach a bungee every 2 feet around the perimeter of the frame until you complete the final 2 corners at the same time. Our toggle bungee fastener tips are coming up next. We recommend using multiple toggle ball for attaching canopy covers instead of one long attachment cord. This way if a strong wind breaks a single toggle strap there will be plenty of other attachment points remaining.

We provide bungee fasteners on all of our replacement boat lift canopy covers.Log In.

how to install a shoremaster canopy

Shopping List. This section offers multiple attaching systems for the ShoreStation Canopy Covers. There are several methods or systems for attaching your canopy to the frame.

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